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From local workshop to global component partner
Nymek was founded back in the late 1940s by the Nyström brothers in Mjödvattnet. A lot has happened since then. From having been a mechanical workshop serving local farmers, Nymek has grown to become a complete system and component supplier. Several of Nymek’s customers have world-leading products, and the components manufactured in Mjödvattnet are spread around the world.

Today Nymek principally works on solving problems for customers so that they can focus on their core business. Nymek offers the entire material supply chain from component manufacturing to warehousing and logistics.

NYMEK AB   |  MJÖVATTNET 27,  SE-931 93 SKELLEFTEÅ   |  TEL: +46 914 - 295 00   |  FAX: +46 914 - 295 25   |  EMAIL: info@nymek.se