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One of Nymek’s strengths is that we deal with the whole process of system and component manufacturing ourselves, a great advantage in terms of logistics as well as quality and costs. We carry out metal stamping in single, progressive and transfer tools, bending in press brakes, punch nibbling and laser cutting.


Our robot welders produce high and even quality and are an effective complement to manual welding. We can design and manufacture any fixtures required to deal with welding work. All our welders hold SS EN- 287 certification.


We at Nymek have our own powder coating unit and offer high-quality coating integrated into our manufacturing process. We pre-treat with iron phosphate and oxsilane, a process with a low environmental impact.


Assembly is a natural element in being able to use the cost-effectiveness of our process chain as well as possible.


We hold stocks and deliver when the customer needs us to. Our business systems for planning and processes, together with our many years of experience and skilled staff, mean that our reliability of supply is very high.

NYMEK AB   |  MJÖVATTNET 27,  SE-931 93 SKELLEFTEÅ   |  TEL: +46 914 - 295 00   |  FAX: +46 914 - 295 25   |  EMAIL: info@nymek.se